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"How to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. Online & Offline"

How to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. Offline & Online:-

                               Hi friends,  According to Government New rule, It’s Compulsory to Link Aadhaar Card  Number With Mobile Number to keep active or continue Sim Services for Lifetime. Due to  Fake Sim cards , Government of India Taken New action where Users of all networks have   to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. to Continue Activation of their Sim Card.
Here we Share a very Easy Steps to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. , Using this Your Mobile number will not Discontinue in Future It’s Not matter You are Using this Sim or Not. Currently No any date is Confirmed but Very Soon Sim Services will be Discontinue who Will Not Link Their aadhar Card to Mobile Number.Only Reliance jio Sim Users Will not Have to Follow This Process Because they already Done Biometric Verification at the time of Sim Purchase. Airtel , Idea , Vodafone & other networks already Sent Messages to their Users to Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. to Keep Continue Their Services.

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Note :- "This method will work on all Indian Operators Idea , Airtel , Reliance , Vodafone to Link aadhar card Number with mobile number"

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Below steps fellow :-

Link Aadhaar Card Number With Mobile No. To Enjoy Continue Sim Services:-

Process is very simple, But only Offline No any Online Method to Link aadhar card to Mobile Number. You have to go your nearest retailer with below Mentioned Documents.
  • Aadhar Card photocopy.
  • To receive Otp at the time Verification you have to Turn on your Sim card.
  • Now the Process is Come , which you have to Follow after Reach at Retailer.
  • Visit Your Mobile Network Operator Nearest Retailer.
  • Now give your Mobile Number & Copy of aadhar Card.
  • Now they will Send Otp to your Number , Just Give it.
  • Now complete Finger Print Verification on Biometric Machine.
  • Within 24 Hours , you will get Confirmation Sms for final Verification.
  • Just Reply with “Y”.
  • Done ! Your Aadhar Card is Successfully Linked to your Mobile Number.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

>> Its ‘S Compulsory For All Users ?

No , Those users who will get Sms on their Number to Continue Their Services only Those Users Have to Follow this KYC Verification Process.

>> What Happen If You Will Not Link Mobile Number & Aadhar Card ?

Your Sim will Be deactivated & You Lost Network Signals , If you wants to Continue their services then you have to Give aadhar Number.

>> Why Only Some Of The Users Is Getting This Sms ?

Those users who purchased Sim by Other Documents Like License , Voter id etc they again Have to verify their sim using only aadhar Card number.

>> Is There Any Charges Or Fees ?

No , Currently its Free to link mobile number & aadhar card Process Free & Charges.

>> Where You Have To Go ?

You have to go Your Nearest Network Retailer For ex : for airtel Sim You have to go Nearest airtel Retailer.

>> Why Government Taken This Action ?

Due to Crime & fake Sim’s , Its Compulsory to Link aadhar card number to mobile for all new and old users.

>> How To Link Using Online Method ?

There is no any online Method available yet so don’t search and trust on any fake websites otherwise your documents will be misused.

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